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These are your frequently asked questions.
Shop on iTunes® and Support a Charity at the Same Time
Select the cause you wish to support, click on the Launch iTunes link on our website, and shop as you normally would. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated by us to the charities that fall under the cause you wish to support. It’s that easy.
So, Why Not?

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What is Boom Charity?

Boom Charity is a way to help raise funds for selected charities using sales through iTunes. When you use our links and make a purchase through iTunes you're raising money for charity. It's as simple as that.

You can do this on your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod. It's the same iTunes and the same process you'd normally go through. All you have to do first is remember to click on one of our iTunes links and then shop as you normally would.
Will I have to pay extra for my purchases to cover the donations?

No. Using our site does not affect how much your product will cost. You simply shop as you normally would, and a portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to the charities that fall under the cause you wish to support.
Will using the site to make purchases on iTunes take money away from artists, record labels or authors?

No. Using our site will not affect how much a record label, artist, author, app developer or movie producer will make. The money we make comes directly from iTunes.
How often do I need to click on your link?

Any purchase made within 24 hours of entering iTunes will help raise money for a cause. That being said, you should come back to the site and click on one of our links whenever you are looking to make a purchase. Better to always start here and head into iTunes through us.
Can I bookmark the actual iTunes link and skip your site?

We suggest bookmarking our address ( and entering iTunes from there each time.
Is it still the same iTunes?

Yes. It's the exact same iTunes you would normally make these purchases through. The only difference is the link you use to get there. This tells iTunes where you came from (our site) and allows them to track the sale amounts that would then go towards the causes. All purchases are still done directly through iTunes. We can never see anything you do on iTunes or what you purchase.
Why should I use Boom Charity? Can I not go directly to iTunes or donate directly to a charity instead?

Of course you can donate money directly to a charity without us, and you're encouraged to do so. What we do is provide you a means to donate to charity while making a purchase you planned to make anyway. If you're going to iTunes to buy something like an app or an album, you can go through our site and our links and help raise money for a cause at the same time. This doesn't cost you anything extra and won't take you any more time.
Will a donation be made for any purchase I make through iTunes?

Yes. It works for anything you can buy on iTunes - songs, albums, apps, TV shows, movies and books.
How do you pick your charities?

When launching a campaign with a partner (artist, label, etc.) we let them choose what charity they would like to support. We also select additional charities ourselves to raise money for. We try to find charities that incorporate a broad scope of the population and affect many people. From time to time we'll include a charity that is more time sensitive and on a smaller scale, such as disaster relief or another unfortunate circumstance. You can find a list of all our current charities on our causes page.

If you're a charity that would like to work with us, or if you have a charity you'd like to suggest, please contact us and let us know!
How can I help?

There are many ways you can help. First, click on our link any time you want to make a purchase with iTunes. This is how we raise the money.

Outside of that you can help increase the exposure of this website. Tweet out our link and share this site on Facebook. You can grab our URL ( or use one of the share buttons found on our site.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well to stay reminded and up to date on any content or charities we may feature.

Finally, you can get in touch with us if you're interested in becoming a partner and helping to raise money.