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How It Works

Get a better understanding of how we help raise money for charity.
Shop on iTunes® and Support a Charity at the Same Time
Select the cause you wish to support, click on the Launch iTunes link on our website, and shop as you normally would. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated by us to the charities that fall under the cause you wish to support. It’s that easy.
So, Why Not?

A simple idea that can have major impact.

Like you we're passionate about a lot of causes and charities. Unfortunately supporting them can be outside of financial reach.

Boom Charity provides a synergy with iTunes that allows for a portion of anything you purchase to be donated to a cause of your choice. There's no extra cost or fee to the consumer.

There are two ways to raise money:
  • Enter iTunes directly through one of the "Launch iTunes" links on our website. This will raise money for the cause you have selected.
  • Or enter iTunes through a link shared by one of our partners on their social media accounts or website. This will raise money for their chosen charity.

Inspiring donations has never been so easy.

So, Why Not?